Cold Showers vs Hot Showers: Advantages and Disadvantage

There have been plenty of debates about hot and cold showers. Trying to establish that one is better than the other, though, would be like saying a banana is more nutritious than an apple. There’s no sense in making the argument when you could very well enjoy both! Let’s have a quick rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of both, and then discuss situations where either or both can bring the most advantage to the body. Cold Showers Advantages: • Instant stimulation • Decreases fatigue • Tightens skin • Hastens muscle recovery • Promotes blood circulation • Boosts immunity Disadvantages: • Causes discomfort Hot Showers Advantages: • Alleviates muscle and joint pain • Relaxing • Promotes blood circulation • Effective decongestant • Natural cleanser • Opens pores Disadvantages: • Can worsen acute injuries • Promotes drowsiness • Dries skin Before and After Exercising/Playing Sports Taking a hot shower before exercising is the way to go. The hot water loosens the muscles and increases core temperature—the same thing that happens when you start warming up. A cold shower after exercising is beneficial for preventing, or at least reducing, delayed-onset muscle pains. For Skin Care and Cleansing A hot shower is more effective at cleansing, primarily because heat kills bacteria. Hot water opens the pores, thus washing away deep-seated dirt and oil (preventing pimples). Being under hot water for a long time, though, can dry up your skin. If large pores are a problem for you, a cold shower will be more helpful. The cold water tightens the pores and makes your skin smoother. Hot water can strip away the skin’s natural oils, too. Taking more cold showers makes you less likely to have dry skin. For Easing Body Pains A long, hot shower—preferably with a body massage showerhead—is textbook remedy for muscle pains. The combination of hot water and pressure directed to the sore area is simply heavenly! It loosens and soothes the muscles, making you feel relaxed afterwards. However, for pains due to acute injuries (caused by sudden trauma. Ex: falling from a bed, hitting your hip on the sharp edge of a table), a hot shower will be disadvantageous. Heat promotes circulation and directs blood flow to the area where it is applied. Hence, a hot shower can worsen the swelling and redness. A cold shower will be the better option. To recap, hot showers are best for chronic pains (ex: muscle pains that come and go) while cold showers are best for acute pains. For Improving Circulation Both hot and cold showers can help improve circulation, but the processes are different. As mentioned earlier, heat expands and relaxes the muscles and tissues, and promotes blood circulation. The effect is gradual and soothing. Cold showers on the other hand produce instant, but uncomfortable, results. Low body temperature compels blood vessels to pump blood faster from the core to the extremities and around the organs. This is the body’s natural reaction to generate heat and preserve metabolic processes. The result is rapid increase in blood circulation and instant alertness. Thinking about what you want to get out of a shower is the key. Both cold and hot showers have advantages, and it’s simply a matter of deciding which benefit you wish to enjoy at the moment. Author Bio: Dustin Harrison is an expert in the field of Home decor and Interior design. He is work in Aquant India. Aquant India is among the most leading sanitary ware suppliers providing excellent shower panels, stylish wash basins like onyx basins, mosaic basins and so forth as well as other sanitary ware items. To learn more about Interior design visit this website and blog. Read more...

Maintaining Your New Jersey Remodel: Countertops

Having your home renovated can be an expensive process. And while an experience and connected NJ remodeling contractor can certainly help you stay within your budget, the simple truth is that things like new floors, modern appliances, and top-quality countertops are just not cheap. That’s why you need to treat your newly remodeled home like an investment, doing everything you can to keep its value up. The best way to do this is through regular maintenance. Today, we’ll focus on maintaining one of the most valuable parts of your home… the countertops.


Second Floor Addition - Master Ensuite Chatham Township, NJ

We will be adding a lot of new space to this home by creating a master ensuite over the garage. The old master bedroom they are going to move out of is being repurposed for a bedroom for one of the children. They choose beautiful flooring and wall colors in the new bedroom, with a dramatic tray ceiling. With help and guidance from Senior designer, Kim Platt they selected a stunning countertop, floor and wall tile for the new steam shower. We even design the exact his and hers walk-in closets they’ve always wanted. We created space for the laundry room to also be located on the second floor in the breezway. They didnt want to settle, we created the master bedroom/bathroom of their dreams. Read more...

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