Your kitchen is where the culinary magic happens. This is why storage solutions for the kitchen are in demand. Keeping all the cutlery and kitchen supplies all in their right places can get particularly tiring especially when you have nowhere to store them!

When building your own home or renovating a bath or kitchen, there’s more to it than just repainting the walls and moving pieces of furniture around. Since your kitchen or bath both have more specialized functions and involve special parts such as more power outlets and plumbing systems, you may have to consider hiring a design build firm. They can more effectively bring your kitchen and bath designs to life and lessen the hassle that you may have to face when you think of renovating your kitchen or bath by yourself.

Hire a design firm for kitchen projectsIf you are weighing the pros and cons of why you should hire a design build firm, here are some of the positive benefits you can experience when you decide to work with these professionals for your bath and kitchen projects:

•  Maximize your space 

If you have a small bath or kitchen, working together with a design build firm can help you make the most of your space. They know of many different kitchen and bath designs which would work great for any kind of space. Working with these professionals for your kitchen and bath needs is especially great if you only have a small space you can a lot for your kitchen and bath.

•  Save on materials 

You can even save on materials when working with design build firms for your kitchen and bath projects. This is because they have an extensive network of contacts to help them have a variety of materials and resources to choose from depending on the building needs. When working with a design build firm, you can tell them what your budget for your kitchen and bath is, and they can find ways to stay within your desired budgets.

Hire a design firm for bathroom projects•  Keep up with the trends 

If you happen to be clueless on how you can beautify your kitchen and bath, hiring a design build firm can help sort any issues out for you. They are updated when it comes to kitchen and bath designs and you can rest assured that while they make suggestions, your  opinion will always be taken into consideration and that you still have the final say on how you would like your bath or kitchen to look like. If you prefer having the most updated designs and trendy materials though, you can rely on build design firms to do take care of that for you.

Personalized design 

While design build firms can show you what the trendiest designs apply for your bath and kitchen, you can always have your own design and make them bring it to life. If you already have ideas in your head and all you need is the know-how and the building materials, you can entrust the work to a design build firm. DIY can be fun, but it can also mean a lot of work especially if you don’t have the required expertise to pull things off.

 •  Save time 

Since these expert builders already know what they are doing for your bath and kitchen, you can expect your building or renovation time to be done in a jiffy. They work efficiently and this can help you get around the house or settle into your new place with a fully functional bath or kitchen!

Kitchen and bath designs made by professional design build firms can help give you a more fulfilling and visually appealing kitchen and bath for your home. Overall, hiring professional services can get you the finish you want, when you want, and at the price which is most comfortable for you. You can always try your hand at renovation projects but when you want a fully functional bath or kitchen, trusting experts to do the job for you will result in a more beautiful finish.

When building a new home, you get the chance to create your own space which can reflect your personality. Trends have been changing faster in the recent years, and staying up to date with the latest trends can be tough!

Trends come and go and when you decide to give your house a makeover, two of the top spaces to give upgrades involved the kitchen and your bath. These are spaces where your guests can venture into, and having updated kitchen and bath designs can help achieve a trendier look for your home. May it be to impress guests or just for your personal fulfillment, having a beautiful bath or kitchen won’t only make your home stand out—you may even increase your property’s values by staying updated with the latest kitchen and bath designs!


Kitchen Design Trends 2014Kitchen Design Trends 2014

1.  Classic white 

White is something that never goes out of style and for 2013, you can make a simple kitchen makeover by concentrating on white. This style is especially beneficial since it makes your kitchen look more hygienic too! Accenting with shades of green can give your kitchen an even fresher appeal.

 2.  Dark and solid 

Give your kitchen a modern yet tried and tested appeal by having rich dark shades. Achieve this by investing on dark wood furniture. Quality pieces will even add value to your home should you decide to resell in the future.

 3.  Glass backsplash 

Brighten up your kitchen by having glass backsplash. Reflecting more light inside your kitchen by having glass surfaces makes it more vibrant. Consider having glass on your countertops for a high shine, polished, and modern chic effect.

 4.  Techie additions to your cooking space 

Don’t be scared to add modern fixtures for your 2014 kitchen. Why not try LED lights near your cooktop or over your mini bar? Touch-activated faucets are also in. LED lights can help save more energy while your touch-activated faucets give a minimalist and modern addition to your kitchen.


Bath Design Trends 2014Bath Design Trends 2014

1.  Neutral concentration 

A bath with combined neutral shades looks great, but concentrating on just one neutral shade is even better. Your updated bath can have a more modern look by concentrating on just one shade. Grey in particular is a great neutral to work with. Accentuate your bath by having vibrant colors like reds or greens as your color splash pieces.

 2.  Tile play 

Tiles are a major part of any bath, and you can give your bath an upgrade by making wise tile choices. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are still the top choice for bathroom tiles, but metallic tiles can give you a blast to the future feel when used as borders or accent tiles. Use them in combination, and maybe even experiment with modern mosaic effects.

 3.  Linear and minimalist 

Achieve more fluidity in your bath space by having linear design. Less is more is in for 2013, and you can make even smaller-sized bathrooms look spacious by aiming for a more linear space. Think glass wet rooms and smaller vanities with undermount instead of over the counter sinks.

 4.  Natural stone choice 

Granite has long been famous for both kitchen and bath designs for several years. However, you can update your bath surfaces by opting for quartz instead. This natural stone has a glass-like surface which is almost impervious to water. It remains skid-proof, making it ideal for your bath area even when it’s already wet.

When thinking of kitchen and bath designs for 2014, widen your horizons and feed your creative juices by considering a change of materials and colors used for these spaces. Keeping up with the trend while having a timeless appeal for your bath and kitchen isn’t an impossible feat! Try the above mentioned 2014 design trends and make your home an even lovelier place to be in.

In an ideal world, everyone would have massive houses where they do not ever have to worry about space or the lack thereof. However in the real world, people need to contend with space constraints day in and day out. Living in small spaces doesn’t have to mean constant states of chaos though because there are some ways to get around space problems. Below are some tips to make better use of small spaces.

10 things to consider while you are having your kitchen designed.

Cabinetry may be one of the kitchen components least subject to fads and fashion, but a look at popular choices can help you zero in on the style you’ll still love down the road. I talk to many different designer at the NKBA meetings and we recently talked about the most requested features and options that our clients are asking for while we are remodeling, here are  the ones that made the top of the list.

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