In an ideal world, everyone would have massive houses where they do not ever have to worry about space or the lack thereof. However in the real world, people need to contend with space constraints day in and day out. Living in small spaces doesn’t have to mean constant states of chaos though because there are some ways to get around space problems. Below are some tips to make better use of small spaces.

Designing small kitchen spaces For the kitchen

1. Rolling tables

One way to maximize a small kitchen is to use a rolling table in the design plan.

In fact, the rolling table is practically a best friend to small kitchen’s everywhere. Roll it out of its corner when you need extra space to work in and roll it to the side when you need space to move. 

2. Don’t neglect the walls

So the cabinets around the kitchen are filled to bursting and there is no longer any space where your kitchen items and supplies can be stored.

You can always place them in the counter but that space is precious commodity, but your walls are still wondrously bare. Install hooks and shelves on kitchen walls to get more storage space and free up your cabinets and counter.

3. Get rid of space suckers in the kitchen

One top example of a space sucker in the kitchen is the knife-block.

It just takes up more space that it ought so to free up counter-space and achieve a more spacious look in the kitchen, opt for a mounted knife rack. It keeps knives within reach yet out of the way.

4. Use store seating

If you have enough space in your kitchen for an island, go for it. It affords you extra work space and can be used as a breakfast nook. Just choose ones with spaces underneath where seats and stools can be stored.

Designing small bathroom spacesFor bathrooms

1. Shower plan

When dealing with a small bathroom, it is best to opt for a narrow frame or an open shower. These types of showers enlarge a small bath and save a ton of space.

It is also a good idea to choose a shower deign for the bath that offers plenty of shelving space.

A clear enclosure will also give your bath the illusion of space.

2. Pedestal sinks are in

It is nice to have a sink with a counter and cabinets but this takes up a lot of precious space that a small bath needs but lacks. 

Opt for a pedestal sink since it saves space and gives the illusion that the bath is larger than it really is.

3. Use vertical space

The lack of cabinets for towels and the lack is can be remedied by using the available vertical space in the bath. Choose a stylish rack or towel bar in your bath space.

4. Consider color choices

A smaller bath benefit from lighter paint colors since they open up small spaces.

Dark colors may be chic but if they diminish the size of an already small bath, best skip them.


The images in our portfolio illustrate only a few of our projects and capabilities. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests for other samples that might better suit your needs.

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